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Orthopedic Shoes and Footwear Modifications

What makes a pair of shoes “orthopedic” and how are these types of shoes different from regular shoes?

Orthopedic footwear is a general term for shoes that are manufactured with certain characteristics and features that support the mechanics and structure of the foot. An orthopedic shoe usually includes a good rigid midsole and outsole, firm heel counter, and removable insole to accommodate custom orthotics. Orthopedic shoes are typically available in a variety of widths and shapes to fit various foot types.


  1. Special configuration: Two portions of the shoes are very uniquely designed, one which is in touch with the foot and second which is in contact with the ground
  1. Openings:: They are characterized by openings along with multiple removable closures to them for the accommodation of unusual problems.
  1. Supporting arch:: Orthopedic shoes contain a flexible sole which is formed in such a manner that the arch and inside heel portions are moderately elevated.

Advantages of Custom Made Shoes

They are beneficial for serious medical problems of foot and ankle. For Instance:

  • They are used to prevent foot ulcers and its recurrence which are most commonly seen in diabetic patients.
  • They help in diminishing the plantar pressure plus the pain in feet due to prolonged standing or walking
  • Also favorable for foot deformities.
  • Increase mobility as well as stabilityorders like Rheumatoid Arthritis and Degenerative foot disorders also advantageous for spasticity and muscular diseases 
  • They are sometimes also valuable for a backache and knee pain.
Dr. Orthotic Lab manufactures high-precision orthotic shoe soles; What makes them different is unbeatable prices, unmatched quality and unusual speed of delivery And that’s not all….
We have our own 3D foot-scanners, which we provide foot specialists for free, We use the latest methods to scan and produce special footwear in our own laboratories, which save us a lot of costs, We import our high-quality raw material, which again saves us a lot.
The result ?
Proud practitioners, happy customers

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