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Custom Made Orthotics

Here at Dr. Orthotic Lab, we are proud to serve practitioners around Ontario by maintaining an outstanding reputation for perfecting the art of custom orthotic fabrication combining advanced CAD/CAM technology and hand craftsmanship. With over 40 years of combined experience in lower limb biomechanics research, foot care and orthoses manufacturing, we wish to collaborate our efforts with yours in delivering the highest quality and truly custom made products to your clients. Included in your package, is a quick overview of our 3D laser scanning system, manufacturing process, and our signature orthotic styles that can be selected to cater to a wide range of foot types and lifestyles. Kindly contact us today and request a new iPad device equipped with the iSense™ 3D Scanner and “Dr Orthotic” app. Your free trial period will allow you to experience firsthand the ease and remarkable accuracy of this innovative casting technology! On behalf of the entire Dr. Orthotic team, we look forward to working with you to help treat patients through the tradition of biomechanics and orthotic therapy.

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10 reason you should send your custom orthotics to Drorthotic Lab

  • Lowest price on custom orthotics in Ontario
  • Free foam box for every pair of orthotic order
  • Free pick-up and drop-off on three pairs or more
  • Guaranteed two weeks deliver time
  • 100% custom made orthotics
  • Free arch-fill,met pad and heel spur pads
  • Custom logo on 10 pairs or more per months
  • Custom design top-cover and underlay
  • Free foot scanner on 10 pairs or more per months
  • Full one-year manufacturing guarantee
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Our Technology

TECHNOLOGY made simple! The design of DrOrthotic fabrication system was a collaborative effort involving foot health professionals from the Canadian college of foot health, with extensive input from professionals such as podiatrists, physical therapists, chiropractors and certified pedorthists. This system was designed to better meet patient’s needs while reducing the cost and time of making custom orthotics using the latest 3D iPad Red beam laser foot scanning system. Our CNC positive mould milling system incorporates state-of-the-art orthotic modification software to create a customized 3-dimensional positive of the foot. The orthotic shells then thermoformed on the positive mould to create the base shell of the orthotic. We save all 3-dimensional images from your patient’s feet before and after orthotic adjustment and keep their foot mould for 90 days in case of second order or future modifications.

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Dr Orthotic takes pride in producing one of the highest-quality, fully and semi corrective or accommodative custom orthotics in Canada using a true 3D casting(CNC milling machines). We use the most innovative and technologically advanced raw materials available anywhere in the world to ensure a high quality custom orthotic for your patient’s every single time. We provide you with a wide selection of raw materials, from some of the most advance shell material to the latest designs of top covers and mid-layers, enabling you to create the highest quality and the best fitting custom orthotics for your patients. All you need to do is pick the style of orthotics, add your desire accommodations and materials that are most appropriate for your patients’ needs and we’ll make the 100% custom orthotics exactly to your specifications.Guaranteed.

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